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Equality inches on in Ct., not in Iowa UPDATE



Connecticut has become the 15th state to protect people from discrimination in employment or housing based on gender identity — that is, transgender people. This is distinct from discrimination based on sexual orientation. Connecticut, to name one, barred that 20 years ago.

Gov. Mike Beebe presumably would tell you that it is an acceptable societal judgment that Arkansans continue to be allowed to discriminate on either count. And that to criticize him for this is intolerant.

UPDATE: I wonder if Gov. Beebe would sign this new pledge gimmick that the Religious Right, egged on by Mike Huckabee, has dreamed up. You have to sign an oath to oppose same-sex marriage and Sharia law, endorse the (unconstitutional) Defense of Marriage Act and, among others, pledge to be faithful to your spouse.

This has been cooked up for Republican candidates in Iowa, where Religious Righters control the GOP caucuses. It's called the Marriage Vow. Third time's the charm, right Newt?

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