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For Tim Griffin: Where are the jobs?



U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin, interviewed by Roby Brock for Talk Business, repeated his tiresome collection of cliches about why the only solution to the U.S. budget is spending cuts (particularly on those who depend most heavily on government for support).

He WILL NOT support a tax increase for millionaires. These are job creators, he said. Oh, really? So where are the damn jobs for 10 years of the lowest tax rates in decades? They are non-existent. Instead the ultra-wealthy are amassing ever greater piles of cash from tax-preferenced dividends and interest and capital gains and not creating much of anything except giant mansions.

Griffin and Co. would destroy the economy by refusing to lift the debt ceiling to win an election. They'd rather comfort millionaires than create jobs. Will voters buy that in 2012? That is THE question of the year.

SPEAKING OF JOB CREATORS: Democrats note that Rep. Rick Crawford hasn't introduced a single piece of legislation his first six months in office, but has been paid $87,000 for supporting the Republican plan to bring an end to Medicare as universal health insurance and to protect millionaires. The Ryan budget would kill nearly a million jobs, the Dems say, by the way. Crawford had vowed in the campaign to work on job creation. He created one — for himself.

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