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Flag waving on the Fourth



CONFEDERATE BANNER: Flies outside Independence County courthouse.
  • CONFEDERATE BANNER: Flies outside Independence County courthouse.

It's a slow Sunday, so I thought I'd pass along some observations and three photos from Independence County . They were sent by a resident who prefers anonymity for fear of reprisals.

I have included two pictures that offend me even though I share a respect with many of my Southern friends. I understand that the South fought and many died. I understand that many believed in a southern union and the North had no business telling "us" what to do. I also understand that "we" lost that battle.

One of the pictures shows a picture of the front of our courthouse (above) with a blue flag flying over a monument to the fallen Confederate soldiers from our area.

The other picture shows a flag (right) that flies at the intersection of Hwy 167 and Hwy 87 around the Independence-Jackson County line. The red and white flag is the Third National Flag "The Blood Stained Banner" of the Confederacy, adopted just before the fall of the Confederacy, according to Wikipedia, which also says the red vertical stripe was proposed by Major Arthur L. Rogers. He argued that the pure white field of the second national flag could be mistaken as a flag of truce. There is nothing I can do about this flag since it is on private property, but the other one I think something should be done.

The one flying at our Courthouse appears to be an Army of Tennessee Flag. This was the distinctively designed Battle Flag of the troops under General William J. Hardee's command. It was flown from the battle of Shiloh in 1862 until just after the battle of Missionary Ridge.

Shiloh? Tennessee? What does this have to do with Arkansas? Independence County? I say NOTHING!!!!! After our new county judge took office in January, the Sons of Confederate Veterans put up a rebel flag. That lasted about two days. The judge was pressured to have them take it down. About two months later this flag showed up. Just as offensive to anyone offended by the other if they knew the meaning of it.

It's no wonder Batesville and Independence County have made national news twice in the past year due to either real or perceived homophobia. I guess if the county government can't exert a modicum of control over its own grounds at the courthouse, how can it lead people to grow as a society and learn tolerance? In essence, to come out of the 1860s and enter 2011.

This weekend is about those who died in the 1770s and the tens of thousands who have died since protecting the freedom our "real" forefathers fought for. Independence Day. In Independence County, Arkansas, all we care about is 100 or so Confederate soldiers who died in a losing war fought to preserve slavery. We celebrate this fact by flying a nondescript flag from a small regiment of soldiers from Tennessee/ Sad that we continue to think this way. Sad that our county government allows it to continue if only for the reason that they believe the people who would be most offended are too stupid to know what it means.

The third picture (below) shows the scene at our Courthouse this past Monday. I have no idea of the meaning. (If you can't quite make it out, it shows a toilet beside the American flag.) I have no knowledge of the person or persons responsible for placing it there.


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