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The Thursday line



It's open. Close-outs:

* MICHELE BACHMANN: Nice roundup of five top gaffes. The list will grow.

* REPUBLICAN WITCH HUNT: KUAR followed up on our report yesterday about Republicans' enormous FOI request to the UALR Law School that the GOP hadn't even bothered to pick up. It was a fishing expedition to see if librarian Jeff Woodmansee had done any political blogging on state time.

The school's dean, John DiPippa, says there was no evidence of political activity during work.

"We produced about 6600 pages for this," DiPippa said. "I didn't see any evidence of any wrongdoing by Jeff Woodmansee, our employee."

* DICK HALPERIN: Oh, sorry, his name is Mark Halperin. HE called President Obama by former VP Cheney's first name on national TV. Useful memory from Eschaton, who thinks Halperin should be known as 'fucktard.'

* LATE NIGHT IN THE RIVER MARKET: Juanita's, freshly moved from its original home on Main Street to a River Market space, is seeking approval to operate as an after-hours club. Rock Candy has the news. I'm thinking this will stir some conversation from many people, not all of it positive.

* SICK F***: Tea Party leader says anti-gay bullying is just "healthy peer pressure." Says reports of disproportionate bullying of gay kids and high suicide rates just a way to promote "gay agenda."

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