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A Mark Martin clause? UPDATE



A trusted correspondent says the following boilerplate was included on an e-mail from Secretary of State Mark Martin's office. I haven't seen it on press office e-mails, but I've never received a personal e-mail from the bumbler in chief. I've sent an inquiry to his press office about whether this is for real or some kind of joke.

Caution: E-mail and cell phone use may not provide complete confidentiality. Confidential information should not be disclosed in response to this e-mail. This e-mail and any response may be subject to FOI. To the extent that there are any exceptions to FOI, all or part of this e-mail may be redacted prior to release. This e-mail is subject to a written regular and systematic record retention policy of the Deputy Secretary. Opinions, statements, and assertions in this e-mail are not intended for public release. In the event of public release, the public is advised to treat this e-mail with caution, as any and all e-mail is subject to later revision (including revision that may not be transmitted by e-mail); matters set forth herein are effective only as of the date and time on the e-mail itself. To the extent that this e-mail has been released to the public pursuant to FOI, please be advised that the opinions, statements, and other matters set forth herein are subject to the review of the Arkansas Secretary of State, and are not intended to be the final or ultimate assertion of any policy, position, or statement of the Arkansas Secretary of State. To the extent that there are exemptions from the Freedom of Information Act, or other legal requirements, the Arkansas Secretary of State hereby invokes those exemptions, and further invokes the rights to confidentiality under all applicable Local, State, and Federal laws. Inadvertent disclosure of confidential information is protected by federal law and nothing herein should be deemed a waiver of any legal right to protect confidential information.

TRANSLATION: Just because I said it, doesn't make it so. And I can't be held responsible.

Three and a half more years?!?

UPDATE: No joke. Says Martin's press spokesman, Alex Reed:

Several employees have used this disclaimer since January. This is a clear written explanation of the FOI process.

When I said the clarity eluded me, he elaborated:

It lets recipients know that the emails are subject to FOI, and to not reveal any personal or confidential information

I did note a further legend on Reed's own e-mail:

The mission of the Office of the Secretary of State is to provide an exceptional standard of public service to all Arkansans at the highest levels of integrity, excellence, and accessibility.

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