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Stonewall Democrats rip Donna Hutchinson



Stonewall Democrats have a response to Republican Rep. Donna Hutchinson, who went off on a weird tangent yesterday in criticizing cuts in reimbursements to therapeutic foster parents by suggesting somehow (non-existent) programs for gays and lesbians could be cut instead. I had my own conversations with Hutchinson about this and she just couldn't shake her fixation on gay people. The real issue, of course, is the hypocrisy of those who insist on cutting taxes and then blame others for reduced programs.

The Stonewall Democrat statement:

Like Gov. Mike Beebe, we are disappointed in Rep. Donna Hutchinson’s unwillingness to take responsibility for the consequences of her votes in favor of tax cuts beyond what the budget could absorb.

“More than that,” says Eric McDaniel, president of Stonewall Democrats, “it is outrageous that she attempts to divert attention from the negative effect of tax cuts she supported by directing hatred toward the LGBT community.” She is blatantly engaging in the very politics she purports to find so disgusting, i.e. using “the most innocent and vulnerable as pawns in a political game.”

As the Arkansas Department of Human Services pointed out, some of the alternative programs she suggests cutting from the department’s budget do not even exist. These outright inaccuracies demonstrate that the most hateful remarks often come from the most ill-informed.

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