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There Tim Griffin goes again



The Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan agency, warns of crushing U.S. debt without cuts in spending, particularly in health costs, or tax increases. Sure.

This how U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin spins it:

“The CBO’s non-partisan, long-term budget outlook report highlights the gravity of the federal government’s fiscal situation. It is another warning of the impending crisis and explains why we must make serious reforms now in order to lower our $14.3 trillion debt. The House has a plan for saving Medicare, reducing spending, and promoting private-sector job creation. It is time for the President and the Senate to work with us to address the factors that have led to this debt crisis.”

Call out the Pinocchio police. 1) Republicans would "save" Medicare by killing the program as Americans have always known it. It would stop being universal single-payer care and become a voucher program with subsidies insufficient to cover the cost of private insurance. 2) The Republican spending plan actually increases the debt by almost $2 trillion. 3) They make the deficit worse by more tax cuts on top of the already budget-punishing Bush tax cuts. Job creation? See the last 10 years of Bush tax-cut prosperity.

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