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The rising Republican leadership



Opinion writers today assess a couple of the people elected to statewide offices as Republicans last year.

* OUCH: A Democrat-Gazette editorial pummels Secretary of State Mark Martin. The editorial was prompted in part by something we'd remarked on earlier, his whining about compliance with the law, specifically the Freedom of Information Act. Commented the editorialist:

The lowest defense Mr. Martin has offered for his questionable spending is to say he’s just being picked on because he’s a Republican. As usual, he’s got it exactly backwards: It is he who’s become an embarrassment to the state’s GOP, which is supposed to be the party of economy in government.

Rational Republicans are NOT happy with Mark Martin, I can testify in support of the assertion of embarrassment.

* EH: John Brummett reviews the empty posturing of Lt. Gov. Mark Darr on health care. He doesn't identify much positive about Darr beside the fact that he's "mildly personable," with negatives mostly a mild recitation on how uninformed he is about the law, both generally and specifically when it comes to health care reform. Against Mark Martin, that manages to look pretty good.

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