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Good news for organized labor



The Obama administration provides a bit of good news this morning for working people: The National Labor Relations Board is proposing to streamline procedures for union elections in the workplace. The idea is to speed elections and postpone litigation over voter eligibility issues until after votes. Put your fingers in your ears for the coming howls from the business lobby.

A labor organizer sends along some talking points, chief among them that business opposition is fundamentally about obstructing and delaying elections. They really don't want workers to vote at all, though they'd have you believe the sanctity of the ballot was what opposition to card check was all about. His points:

This commonsense rule would ensure workers have a basic right we hold dear in this country—the right to vote. This rule removes unfair obstacles to give workers a fair chance to vote on whether to form a union.

Giving workers a fair chance to vote is essential to rebuilding our middle class. The right to join together on the job is one of the few ways to rebalance our economy and ensure that workers have good jobs that can support a family.

Eliminating excessive delays and litigation is good for employers, employees, and taxpayers who foot the bill. These modest changes will clean up a system plagued by delays, bureaucracy, and litigation. Currently, workers encounter delays of months and even years. Some never get to vote at all. This rule provides stability and a level playing field.

The opposition to these changes is pure politics. This year, we have already seen unprecedented attacks on workers’ rights. Whether you’re a teacher, firefighter or nurse’s aide — right-wing legislators and corporate lobbyists have made it clear that their ultimate aim is to take away your rights on the job. Those who are protesting these modest changes are the same corporate lobbyists and right-wing politicians who have been attacking workers’ rights across the country.

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