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State changes State Hospital leadership



ROOM AT THE TOP: Leadership ousted at State Hospital.
  • ROOM AT THE TOP: Leadership ousted at State Hospital.

Because the State Hospital, which cares for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled, hasn't been able to meet federal Medicare standards, the state has sacked its leader, Charles Smith, and David Laffoon, the leader of the Behavioral Health Division of the state Human Services Department.

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The feds and advocates for the disabled have complained repeatedly about care at the State Hospital.

John Selig, head of DHS, said the institution needs wide-ranging improvement. The news release said:

In a verbal exit conference after the visit, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) surveyors indicated the hospital had not attained compliance with all conditions for participation in the Medicare program. Although surveyors did not again voice concerns previously expressed about the unit for children with both developmental disabilities and mental illness, they did note problems with treatment plans and activity levels of patients throughout the hospital. In addition, the hospital was cited for an immediate jeopardy finding related to patients’ rights. Written findings are expected in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, Department officials will work with CMS to outline the necessary steps the hospital must take to ensure it receives federal funding while staff works to improve patient care. Those steps will require the state to allow federal monitors to visit the hospital.

Question: Didn't the people who got fired have supervisors all these years?

PS: The news release said leaders "resigned." But the news release also notes Selig made the decision to "change" leadership. The resignations do not appear to have been volunteered. UPDATE: Yes, spokesman confirms, resignations were requested.

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