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Wednesday night line



You're on. Final items:

* BLOG WATCH: It's pretty clear that, despite Mark Martin's best efforts, the Blue Hog Report was not put out of business permanently. Sales pitches are underway to potential advertisers for a new political blog to begin in July, which, if I understand correctly, will combine efforts of Roby Brock of Talk Business, Jason Tolbert of the Tolbert Report and Matt Campbell of Blue Hog Report.

* MICHELE BACHMANN (Moonbat, Minn.) — Did you think Michele Bachmann was mainstream? Have another thought about that.

* GOD DID IT: And speaking of Republican nutcakes, there's Texas Gov. Rick Perry who blames neither George W. Bush nor Barack Obama for the sad state of the economy. It's God fault. It's part of his plan to bring us back to Biblical principles.

* WEINER SHOULD GO: Former U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder, speaking today to the Political Animals Club, said Rep. Anthony Weiner probably should resign for the benefit of his family and his possible political future. He remarked that voters were more forgiving of "old timey" trespasses. Twitter sexting is new timey. Especially with porn stars after the scandal has erupted.

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