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McDaniel calls for redistricting maps



Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has sent a letter to Gov. Mike Beebe and Secretary of State Mark Martin, the other members of the state Board of Apportionment, proposing a timetable to air final maps for proposed legislative redistricting and to provide a 10-day window for the public to see and comment on the maps before the final vote.

Here's the letter.

It proposes posting of maps on the board's website no later than July 19, a public hearing July 25 and a final vote July 29. Beebe and McDaniel have been doing their own work in private and haven't yet proposed any maps for public inspection. Martin, too, has been using Republican operatives in his mostly private work, but he has occasionally floated a map. He won't likely have much influence in the final outcome against the two Democratic members of the Board.

Beebe am bord? Says Matt DeCample: "Those dates look good to us. At the last meeting, Governor Beebe targeted July 31 as the date to finalize maps. Since that’s a Sunday, the 29th makes sense."

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