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Monday night line



It's open. Final shots:

* AUTHOR! AUTHOR! I think I'll save $20 on sending anything to Amazon for state Rep. Jon Hubbard's book about what's right with America and wrong with everybody, including liberals, who disagree with the Jonesboro wingnut.

* HALF-A-MILLIONAIRES: James Weir and his wife, from Walnut Ridge, won $500,000 on a $10 scratchoff Arkansas Lottery ticket. Taxman took a third of it or so. They said they'd buy a couple of new rides and put the rest in the bank.

* YOU THINK $200,000 IS BAD: Good comments from former City Director Larry Lichty on his blog about the city's sales tax increase proposal, which he sees as another one of those "Christmas trees." An excerpt

In addition, if some citizens of Little Rock are still complaining about the lack of accountability for the $200,000 that is gifted to the Chamber of Commerce each year for economic development, just imagine what questions will be raised regarding a proposed $40 MILLION economic development fund! And, of course, the "least of these" apparently get left in the wake again with no discernible provision in either tax proposal that I can find to fund a homeless day resource center which has been discussed for years. Yet we are asked to provide who knows what to house and maintain animals at the Little Rock Zoo which reflects a total disconnect in priorities in my view. And, relative to providing additional tax revenue for "tourism", don't we already pay a special sales tax in Little Rock to the Advertising and Promotion Commission dedicated just for that purpose?

* OBAMA GETS INTO WEINERGATE: If it were him, he'd resign, the president says. Crazy to get into this.

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