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Tweaking the SOS Twitters



The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today reviews policies among state officeholders on employees' use of social media during the day to make political comments. It says it received information that some employees of the secretary of state's office had made some political comments on Twitter and that, coincidentally, a memo went out from Secretary of State Mark Martin's lawyer, A.J. Kelly, reminding employees to avoid political activity on state time.

A word of reminder: I called out those SOS employees for their political Twitters on my own Twitter account. Kelly's memo followed my callouts. (I'd also mentioned several employees by name in conversations with others in Martin's office in the course of a marathon effort to get them to comply with the FOI and reveal, among others, the fancy consulting contract for a retreat Martinites just attended.)

For example, April 11:

ArkansasBlog Max Brantley
@markmyers so that's what taxpayers are paying you to do..flak for mark Martin

And April 6:

ArkansasBlog Max Brantley
@markfromark You on the taxpayers' clock while doing the pro-Republican tweeting?

And April 5:

ArkansasBlog Max Brantley
Have secy. of state employees stopped political Tweeting on state time since I called one out? Why I believe they have.

SPEAKING OF TWITTER DANGERS: Interesting account of a conservative group that pursued Rep. Anthonhy Weiner's female Twitter followers, sensing a scandal to be found.

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