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There the Republicans go again



Not content to dismantle single-payer Medicare — the popular, efficient and universal health care plan for the elderly — leading Republicans are trying again to privatize Social Security. This, too, is a way to kill the program over time, the long-term dream of Republicans since it was begun.

The three Arkansas Republican Mousketeers — Tim Griffin, Steve Womack and Rick Crawford — have backed every other poor-person-punishing, rich-person-enriching scheme from the Republican leadership. No reason to think they won't joyously go for a twofer — wrecking both Medicare and Social Security and the compact between the U.S. government and its people that no American need fear utter poverty and ill health in their last years.

PS — Griffin said during the campaign that he opposed privatization of Social Security and that it was Nancy Pelosi, not Republicans, that threatened Social Security and Medicare. I presume I'll get a news release shortly from his office blasting the new Republican legislation to dismantle Social Security. He's already broken his promise to preserve Medicare as we know it.

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