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PRAISE THE LORD: But pass me the tax money.
  • PRAISE THE LORD: But pass me the tax money.

We've written before
about Rep. Justin Harris, the government-cutting Republican from West Fork who took offense when a public records request revealed the extent of state support for his "faith-based" daycare center and the possibility that this basher of illegal immmigrants might be receiving public money for caring for same.

A reader sends along this photograph of a sign at Harris' daycare.

In case you didn't know, ABC is the Arkansas Better Chance program for needy kids. It's a state program funded by federal and state tax dollars. In all, Harris gets almost $900,000 in tax dollars to run his program — and pay himself and wife a salary. Seems like the least Harris could do is add an asterisk and "Arkansas taxpayers" to that thanks to God for the ABC summer funding.

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