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Bourbon, bacon, Biviano, Brummett



John Brummett recaps Tea Party Rep. Mark Biviano's night on the town in April when he ran into a woman's car on Markham Street after the bourbon-and-bacon dinner at Ashley's in the Capital Hotel and left the scene. The woman he hit says he left without waiting for cops or providing information. Her husband eventually ran Biviano down, who's since blamed bad publicity on his opposition to Obama's health care reform legislation. (If you're late arriving, I am not joking.)

A reminder that you can see the police report here and decide how the woman could have hit Biviano if he struck the rear of her car as he pulled away from the curb.

Says Brummett:

How a fellow votes on health care reform is a matter of policy and opinion. But how a fellow of elected office responds to undesirable publicity over a traffic incident is a matter revealing personal responsibility and, conceivably, broader character.

A public servant of character would take reporters' calls. He also would demand a public replay of the Capital Hotel security video to see who was telling the truth.

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