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Harrelson complaint before judge



Now I understand the news account yesterday afternoon about the prosecutor's actions in the case of Sen. Steve Harrelson's fight with his estranged wife's boyfriend. John Lyon of Stephens Media explains that the prosecutor has forwarded a misdemeanor complaint to a district judge who'll decide if the facts merit issuance of an arrest warrant.


1) Harrelson faces an uphill battle with his wife, her boyfriend and his wife's brother apparently prepared to say he started the fight. Where was their young daughter? I shudder to ask.

2) Cary Pessel, the fellow who whipped up on Harrelson, is a piece of work. He was offended by Harrelson causing a scene in front of his daughter and the Harrelsons' daughter, he said, and told the Democrat-Gazette, "That's why I hurt him so bad." Got that? A fight is bad. A really bad butt whipping is good. It's the Arkansas ethos, sure enough. Might makes right, whether whipping school kids or in domestic relations.

3) If Pessel and Harrelson's wife and Harrelson really want to move forward with re-establishing normalcy for the Harrelsons' child, neither challenging the boyfriend nor prosecuting daddy is a rational course of action.

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