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Politicians for sale



Bloomberg has compiled an important summary of the decisive influence of huge sums of secret money spent in 2010 congressional races to benefit Republicans.

A fair and transparent playing field it was not. And if Republican Federal Election Commission members such as this are any indication, that's the plan.

The [Bloomberg] report revealed at least $4.05 million in campaign spending by five Republican-leaning groups in the lead up to the November 2010 election — none of which was recorded by the FEC, in an apparent violation of federal law. One of the groups, the "Commission on Hope," spent at least $2.10 million on ads against 11 Democrats in seven states in the 60 days prior to the election, according to estimates by Campaign Media. Ten of those Democrats lost.

But what really stood out was a comment from Republican FEC Commissioner Donald McGahn, who basically said that campaign reform advocates had wasted their lives.

"I feel bad for" the reform groups that call the agency dysfunctional, he said. "Much of their life's work has been rendered irrelevant by a series of stinging court cases."

Noted: Stealth money found its way to races all over Arkansas, even down to the state legislative level.

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