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Biviano's big night: Instant replay?



CCTV IN OPERATION: Could it have caught the scene on Markham St. April 9?
  • CCTV IN OPERATION?: Could it have caught the scene on Markham St. April 9?

ON CAMERA? Rep. Mark Biviano (R-Searcy)
  • ON CAMERA? Rep. Mark Biviano (R-Searcy)
Watching Saturday night TV, I got to contemplating British detective shows where England's ubiquitous security cameras solve all kinds of crimes.


What if there is a way for Tea Party Republican Rep. Mark Biviano of Searcy to prove once and for all that HE was telling the truth about his wreck April 9 with a Benton woman as he was pulling away from the curb of the Capital Hotel following the Oxford American's Bourbon and Bacon Dinner at Ashley's?

He says the woman was at fault. He says he provided her a business card. She says he provided no ID and drove off before the cops responded to her 911. The cops have washed their hands of it as a he-said, she-said deal and Biviano's insurance company has paid up for the $1,100 damage.

But wait. What if the Capital Hotel, owned by the Stephens financial empire, is as equipped with high-tech security as the Stephens headquarters building a block away? There, TV monitors tape constantly, from every conceivable perspective. And the tapes are preserved for some time.

Might the Capital have a similar TV security system that would demonstrate with motion picture clarity what actually happened on Markham Street that night? If Biviano is sure that he did no wrong and that his ensuing embarrassment is nothing but Democratic mischief-making at his expense (even though the driver whose car he hit is a Republican), he should be down there Monday morning asking for an NFL-style video review of the play.


Roll tape (I know, they don't use tape anymore. I just like the sound of it).

UPDATE: Here's the LRPD accident report taken that night. Please note the accident summary. The woman whose car was struck said Biviano's truck was parked in front of the Capital Hotel and when she passed it eastbound, it pulled out and struck her rear quarter panel. If her version is correct, Biviano would appear badly off base in saying SHE struck HIM. Again: roll tape, Rep. Biviano.

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