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Mark Martin in Mount Ida UPDATE



Tipped to an interesting exchange at the May 5 Mount Ida Chamber of Commerce banquet, I sent a note to local newspaper publisher Mike Graves about his reported chat with Secretary of State Mark Martin. His response:

I was helping with a benefit auction at Mount Ida for the Chamber of Commerce, and pointed out to the auctioneer that we had politicians in the audience. Mr. Mark Martin, whom I had never met, came over to our table, squatted down and said, "I don't need some paperboy calling attention to me. I've already been FOIed by you bastards from the liberal media and I don't need anything from you tonight."

I was too shocked to say anything but, "I didn't mean to offend you."

He went back and sat down, but kept looking at me, came over again and said, "I came here out of the goodness of my heart so don't expect me to spend any money." And something about not ever running for office again because of "you newspapers."

At this point I had enough, stood up, and said, "I'm not one of your liberal media bastards out of Little Rock, and if you would like to continue this, I'll be happy to go out to the parking lot and give you a shot at whipping my country ass." [On reconsideration, Mike agreed to use his actual remark and not the cleaned-up version he asked that I use when I confirmed I could quote him.] He looked a little surprised, didn't comment and went back to his table.

I did see him leaving in a hurry right at the end of the banquet. Guess he had to get back to the liberals in Little Rock.

I should attest that Mike Graves is no liberal. We had a few — shall we say spirited — discussions in the early days of the Huckabee administration, when Graves was for a time an admirer of the governor.

I've asked the secretary of state's office if Martin would care to respond or elaborate. They have not responded.

From Mark Martin's campaign website:

The fundamental vision for the Secretary of State should be humility.

UPDATE: The director of the Mount Ida Chamber of Commerce sounds like she might invite me out to the parking lot:

Could you please remove the Blog on Mark Martin who was a honored Guest at our Banquet.

This was not the place and time and Mike Graves should have not have made a comment like he did, as it was uncalled for, and secondly, Mark acted professionally and tried to defuse the situation. This happened during the Live Auction and everyone was there to just have a wonderful evening.

This is nothing to do with Republicans and Democrats Sir.

I find it appalling that you can take a situation like this situation and blog about. You obviously have a lot of time on your hands with and nothing better to do.

Nobody is the enemy here and It is time to give each other support and not blog about pointless and inconsequential stuff that means nothing.

As Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce I would like all defamatory marks removed from this Blog immediately concerning either of these Gentleman and it is not your place to blog about something when you were not present.

Maureen Walther

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