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Live, it's Mike Huckabee



UPDATE: Huck is out. He went for the bucks. The country weeps. Here's his fatuous statement.

Here's what was written earlier:

The Saturday night line is open. The readers take over.

I'm going to a wedding. Alas, I don't think the reception hall will have monitors with live coverage of the political event of the year. (Joking.)

* MIKE HUCKABUCK: Will Mike Huckabee, the Florida tax fugitive, announce he's in or out of the 2012 Republican presidential race on his Fox News show? I'd been leaning NO, but since this article quotes people who think it would be a violation of federal election rules for Huckabee to announce on his show (not to mention create equal time rule problems for employer Fox News) I'm beginning to lean toward YES. Given his penchant for violating ethics and other rules, you could almost see Huckabee announcing so he could flout another. But also, his continuing tease includes a statement mentioning legal obligations to Fox and partisan considerations in what he might say on the air and that things will get" even crazier" — "once I pull the trigger." That sounds like a hint at the possibility of an announcement that he's leaving the show, followed by a statement afterward of his candidacy announced via his website. Intrade, the on-line betting service, makes it a 45 percent chance that the Huckster will run, up significantly from yesterday.

BUT ... a good new theory is that Huck really screws Fox if he uses them for this big tease of announcement he's in. On the other hand, Huck is always first with Huck and, again, rules don't matter.

If he's in, it's going to be fun. He's built a laff riot of a record to poke at in recent months, the latest the race-baiting "history" videos that canonize Ronald Reagan but find Franklin Roosevelt unworthy of mention in a history of World War II. His invocation of the president this morning as Barack HUSSEIN Obama might be another tell of the attack campaign he's preparing to wage. Everybody remembers the attack ad he prepared on Mitt Romney in 2008, the one he praised himself for not running, after screening it for national media so that they would all run it for free.

I'm counting on your instant commentary.

* FLOOD NEWS: I forgot to mention this morning a nice feature in New York Times today about a community effort to save a Devalls Bluff home from floodwaters with a moat and improvised levees. Won't spoil the nice close.

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