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The Friday night line



It's open for you. Closing items:

* BONKERS IN BRYANT: The Saline County Republicans have slated one of the biggest wackjobs in Congress, Louie Gohmert of Texas, to be their Lincoln Day speaker May 21 at Bryant. I hope Mayor Jill "Republican" Dabbs is on hand with a key to the city. They can swap conspiracy theories into the wee hours. Noted: The Family Council's Jerry Cox is promoting this partisan fund-raising activity. Bad form.

* END THE OIL SUBSIDIES: Economists say an end to tax breaks for wealthy oil companies wouldn't raise gas prices.

* JUDICIAL CANDIDATES: It's only one year until the next round of judicial elections and candidates now may formally announce and begin raising money. Earlier today, I mentioned Judge Ray Abramson's candidacy for Supreme Court. Here's a contested race on the Pulaski-Perry ballot for 2012: Patti James of Little Rock and Chip Welch of North Little Rock are expected to announce next week for a Pulaski circuit judgeship to be left vacant by the retirement of my favorite Arkansas judge.

* HUCK NO: The consensus is trending to NO on whether Mike Huckabee will announce a presidential run Saturday. If he does, even a Fox announcer says they might have to pull plug on the show to avoid the partisan coloration. Trump comparisons have started to emerge. They don't call him the Huckster for nothing. He's hoping to run the numbers up on his show. Somewhere short of the Super Bowl, I'd guess, to sit by TV on Saturday night for this momentous pronouncement.

* QUESTIONS FOR TIM GRIFFIN: Hey, Harding University grads. U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin is speaking to your class tomorrow. Ask him why he voted to cut Pell Grants, thus making it harder for kids to pay for college educations. Some 15,000 Arkansas students, more than 1,200 at Harding, received Pell Grants this year, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says, quoting government statistics.

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