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No records on vehicles, says SOS office



This post from the Blue Hog Report is worth a read. Matt Campbell attempted to find out just how many miles were being logged on a particular vehicle in the Secretary of State's office fleet, and found that, in fact, no logs were being kept on any vehicles. As Campbell points out, state law requires agencies to maintain records on all state-owned vehicles, although constitutional offices are exempted. But that is about to change. From Campbell:

Anyway, in a somewhat ironic twist, the lack of documentation by the Secretary’s office will soon be an even bigger deal. You see, prompted in HUGE part by the ARGOP’s lawsuit regarding constitutional officers’ use of state vehicles, the recently adjourned legislature — in a bill sponsored by Sen. David Johnson and Reps. John Edwards and Jim Nickels, all favorites of Blue Hog Report — passed Act 1021, which removed the exemption for constitutional officers’ and their employees...

Because there was no emergency clause on Senate Bill 993, Act 1021 will take effect on July 26, 2011. Not that Secretary of State Martin’s failure to maintain mileage logs so far is not troubling. It is. But it will become an even bigger issue at that point.

I've asked Sec. of State Martin's spokesperson, Alice Stewart, if the office planned to start keeping travel records any time soon. I will post her reply as soon as I have it.

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