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Need help? Call a teabagger



John Brummett today is entirely too calm and rational in trying to explain the role of government. His column was prompted by some 'bagger Facebook commentary that they and their pickups and chainsaws were quite enough to help the tornado-devastated in Vilonia and Gov. Mike Beebe shouldn't contribute to the national debt by seeking federal disaster aid.

A couple of days of chainsawing and the baggers go back to work. But flood and tornado damage and rebuilding, not just of homes, but of infrastructure, goes on and on and on. Maybe the 'baggers could grab some shovels, too, and build us some free levees. And pick up a rifle when needed, buy a plane ticket and go shoot some terrorists while they're at it. Government, and the taxes to support it, exists because a sustained and comprehensive system for vital needs is the most effective and, yes, efficient way to respond when great needs arise (Katrina notwithstanding.)

Explaining this to 'baggers is like teaching a pig to sing.

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