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Mid-afternoon roundup



I'm back. A good funeral, almost 94 years well-remembered plus a rare gathering of extended family. Rounding up notes from a full in-box:

* XNA NOTE LEADS TO SEARCH: A suspicious note found in a Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport bathroom led to search of a plane in the Charlotte airport and closure of the bathroom.

* MASS TRANSIT: The Brookings Institute has a new study out on how well the top 100 metro areas serve workers with mass transit service. The Little Rock are comes in at 66.

* HUCKSTER HISTORY: Mike Huckabee's new venture to sell right-wing oriented kids history videos is getting panned all over the place. Typical is Salon.

In case you're curious, there is no hint of Franklin Roosevelt in the World War II video:

These are a million times better than Newt Gingrich's endless series of documentaries about the pope or whatever. Also it really looks like Mike Huckabee is not running for president, because I don't think presidents need such bizarre moneymaking schemes? He's like a male evangelical Lucy Ricardo, this guy.

Or how about Huffington Post?

Were you absent the day your history teacher informed the class that the Reagan Revolution was powered by a divine intervention from God? Did you fall asleep during the lesson on black, unemployed people who, at one time, completely lacked ethics? Don't worry — Mike Huckabee has made a tool to school your entire family on these subjects.

* DEATH IN THE FOREST: Care to read a flat police narrative of what sounds like a cold-blooded killing? Try this arrest warrant affidavit for a man wanted for killing a woman in Garland County.

* UAMS OPINION SURVEY: Faculty members at UAMS have received results of a survey asking ratings on research, clinical work, leadership and other components of the institution's mission. Some strength, some weaknesses, the summary indicates.

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