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House Republicans whine for Medicare armistice



After beating the living crap out of Democrats in 2010 on the spurious charge that they wanted to wreck Medicare (by curbing some of the abuses of private insurance companies in the alternative Medicare program), now House freshman Republicans are pleading for the Democrats to stop criticizing their plan to privatize Medicare (which will ultimately kill it) at the same time they are pushing for tax breaks for millionaires.

Cry me a river, you big bunch of hypocritical babies.

Karl Rove attack dog Tim Griffin was among the GOP frosh signing the letter pleading with President Obama to be nice. NOW Griffin wants a "serious" discussion. This, after voting to unilaterally bring an end to single-payer health insurance coverage for the elderly and rewarding the rich, already enjoying the lowest tax rates in decades, with still more windfall profits. From the get-go, this gang of ruffians doesn't get it. Where they talk in the fourth line of their letter about "entitlements," a sneer word akin to welfare, Americans see earned and paid-for benefits of their labor. In the same breath, the Repubs complain about "political rhetoric." Uh huh.

ALSO: Don't get me started talking about Medicaid, the health program for the poor and disabled. The Republican plan to turn this into a block grant program to the states would devastate it. The Kaiser Family Foundation reports in detail. States would see Medicaid money cut almost in half. 30 to 40 million people — that's 40 million human beings — would lose coverage. They will not be able to afford to purchase their own coverage, but, hey, tough. They should have picked better parents. I presume Tim Griffin doesn't want to talk about this either. If he ever has an open town hall, ask him what the poor and sick in Arkansas hospitals and nursing homes will do in 2021 when the state is receiving 37 PERCENT LESS MONEY than it would receive under current law, thanks to the plan he supported.

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