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Tuesday night open line



You're on. Closing notes:

* OBAMA'S BOUNCE: President Obama got a good polling bump from the killing of Osama bin Laden, it would appear. Republican numbers dropping. Maybe that kill-Medicare-fatten-the-rich plan is easily understandable after all. These numbers are, of course, temporary. Staying power is the issue.

* HOT SPRINGS HUMOR: This link includes a comment from Hot Springs Mayor Ruth Carney, making what appears to be an unfortunate, lead-balloon joke about maybe using snipers on unpleasant tourists. (If they see this link is getting circulated and take it down, not to worry. I have a screen shot. Plus, the mayor apparently throws this sniper humor around frequently.)

* CHICKEN FEED: What does it say about the economy when the governor of the state turns out for a 30-job addition to a feed mill?

* CHAMPAGNE TASTES: A Little Rock National Airport spokeswoman confirms that the numbers didn't exactly match up when three bids were opened today for a new maintenance facility at the airport. Expecting the project to cost $7.5 million, the airport got three bids, all around $11.2 million, she said. How'd it go so wrong? They're looking into that. Deluxe finish, maybe? It's a reasonable guess. LIT doesn't do cheap. It's just air passengers' and the government's money, after all. Not the real kind.

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