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Tax news — Springdale yes, Conway no



A Springdale school millage passed tonight, over Tea Party opposition, by a bare 44 votes. In Conway, voters turned down a proposal to continue a tax for basic services.

Little Rock tax proponents have been watching developments such as these closely. A general negative sentiment does not bode well for anyone in need.

My theory again in Little Rock: Go for a penny to pay for cops, fire, streets, maintenance and general help to a big capital city that deserves commensurate amenities. Forget the Christmas tree capital project list with a package of tiny pork tossed here and there. It looks too obviously like what it is — vote buying. Stop saying annexation pays for itself. It doesn't. If fire stations and police substations we can't build and staff don't prove that, nothing will. Start talking impact fees.

Maybe, maybe, talk about a rollback in property tax millage in return for a decent local sales tax, which has the benefit of assessing a levy periodically on the tens of thousands who flood into the city daily, putting a demand on services, and then flood out to the suburbs each night and put most of their taxing power where they live.

Oh, and I forgot: Could somebody in city government do something about the Little Rock Airport?

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