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Legislative redistricting: more maps



On Friday, I linked to a couple of draft maps produced so far (for Senate districts) in the legislative redistricting process.

At noon today, the state Board of Apportionmeny website will have available for perusal five Senate maps and 1 House map.

The first public meeting is May 24 in Jonesboro.

As I indicated earlier, public hearings, partisan debate and plenty of special interest comments lie ahead before a final redistricting plan is approved. A board comprising the governor, attorney general and secretary of state decide the final lines.

Here's an early look at the statewide House map.

And here's a look at a first draft on Central Arkansas House districts.

Note: These House maps were devised by Republican Secretary of State Mark Martin to demonstrate that small population variance was possible and without putting two incumbents in the same district.

UPDATE: Yes, I know. The Republicans, in keeping with historic precedent, are trying to pack as many minorities in as few a number of districts as possible. I also know that they can draw and howl to their hearts' content, but the Democratic majority will draw the plan, just as the Republican majority drew the plan in Texas that screwed Democrats.

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