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Emergency! Southland casino is gambling 24/7




This is rich.

Roby Brock reports that, due to "emergency" circumstances, the state Racing Commission has allowed the Southland racino in West Memphis to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Riverboat casinos in Mississippi are closed due to flooding and if Southland doesn't get extended hours to cater to gambling addicts (and swell its coffers significantly), who knows what disaster might happen?

I think an emergency needs to be declared for Oaklawn's casino, too. To handle overflow from Southland, of course.

While I'm at it: With real cards, craps games, roulette games and machines that pay off when the correct numbers or symbols spin into place, tell me how what's going on in Oaklawn and Southland is not pure casino gambling. The so-called electronic games of skill are shown completely now to be the ruse they always were intended to be. Why not simply roll out the felt for craps, the big wooden wheel for roulette and the Wheel of Fortune megaslots? That they are not there now is a distinction without a difference.

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