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Fox to Huckabee: Fish or cut bait



AN EVEN GRANDER STAGE IN THE OFFING?: Will Mike Huckabee seek a bigger mansion?
  • AN EVEN GRANDER STAGE IN THE OFFING?: Will Mike Huckabee seek a bigger mansion?

Says here that Fox News has given Mike Huckabee until the end of the month to declare whether he is or is not running for president. Otherwise, his obvious positioning and fund-raising will cost him his lucrative spot on the cable channel.

Indicators still point to a Huckabee candidacy. He's been trying to milk every dime possible from his private pursuits for as long as possible, while also gauging whether chances of success were improving or not. The bin Laden success undoubtedly added a few points to President Obama's side of that particular ledger.

But he's in a delicate spot. Even if he puts every member of the family on the payroll as per usual, he has some big obligations — a $2.8 million mortgage in Florida, a mortgage of $500,000 or more in North Little Rock, a family, a taste for high living and, until now, a lacklustre record at raising money. (Even counting bulk buying of his "books" by his PAC as premiums for contributors and other creative, self-enhancing uses of that PAC money.)

ALSO: Good place to mention John Brummett's commentary on Huckabee as gatekeeper to hell, among other duties as direct recipient of His/Her word.

At the risk of generalization, let us assume that politicians would not be politicians if they understood the beauty of personal discretion.

But no one — absolutely no one — could possibly compete in the grandstanding sweepstakes with the tacky Floridian, meaning the second-favorite son of Hope, Mike Huckabee.

“Welcome to hell,” Huckabee presumed to say to this dead body, revealing himself, again, as more a tabloid headline than a responsible communicator.

UPDATE: Huckabee denies this report. He's going to string it out as long as he can get away with it. And it may be that Fox is willing to anoint Huckabee as the GOP candidate by giving him his paid platform for as long as possible.

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