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Tim Griffin: Still fudging on killing Medicare



U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin is still trying to lay his vote to end Medicare off on Bill Clinton. He's slightly modified his disinformation campaign, however. The e-mail I received today has Griffin claiming privatization of Medicare is a bipartisan idea and as proof he quotes the words of then-Sen. John Breaux, co-chair of a commission on Medicare appointed by President Clinton.

Yes, now pharmaceutical industry lobbyist Breaux backed privatization of Medicare.

But, again, for the record Griffin won't tell you about, go to this link for the background on how Clinton was so appalled by Breaux's idea that he wouldn't let his members on the commission vote for it. He proposed a plan of his own to shore up Medicare as we know it, not as Griffin would end it.

ALSO: Griffin told Roby Brock he's prepared to vote not to lift the debt ceiling. Somehow, I don't think his campaign finance leader Warren Stephens will like that much, given that such a vote, if successful, will destroy the markets if not the entire U.S. economy.

AND ALSO: Good question from the Hill for Arkansas Republicans, clamoring for President Obama to declare a disaster in Arkansas so federal money can start flowing. Will they support emergency legislation even if it breaks the debt ceiling? Will they pay for that with tax increases or spending cuts? Or is this a case where, so sorry, we MUST tighten our belts?

QUESTIONS FOR T. GRIFFIN? He's having a "tele-town hall" at 6 p.m. today. Call (877) 229-8493 and then enter "17882" at the prompt.

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