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Monday night line



Along Hwy 161 near Jacksonville

It's open. Close-outs:

The Times Brian Chilson braved the elements today to get a series of pics, mostly along Highway 161 on the way to Jacksonville. Slideshow here.

* SCHOOL'S OUT: The flooding is so widespread in rural parts of Pulaski County that the entire Pulaski County Special School District will be closed tomorrow.

* I MISS THE BIRTHERS: The debate brewing over identification and disposal of Osama bin Laden's body makes me long for Orly Taitz. Videotape of the burial at sea, photos of Osama with his head blown open and lab documents on the DNA tests lie ahead.

* OSAMA POLITICS: Let's play them. Many liberal pundits think the successful manhunt won't help the president a bit politically. Nate Silver takes exception. A president's ratings on foreign affairs do matter some, even in a tough economy.

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