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Arkansas flood waters high and rising



Some links that might be of interest:

* WEATHER SERVICE: Arkansas Republicans haven't shut it yet. Here's a report on the torrential rain, more than 8 inches in some spots in Central Arkansas with rain still falling. (Link corrected.) It includes river flood stage reports, which are getting worse. Roads are closed, at least one bridge in western Pulaski County was washed out and various homes and businesses in Pulaski have been affected, in addition to flooding that began elsewhere a couple of days ago.

* HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT. It has a list of highway closures here.

* NEWS HEADLINES: Our partner Fox 16 has a good running account of events. There's been one reported flooding death in the latest round of storms. A 57-year-old man drowned after sliding off the road in Mayflower. He made an emergency cell phone call after being stranded in high water, but couldn't be saved.

* RIVER STAGES: Here's another link from the USGS on real-time data on river stages.

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