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The Thursday line



I had a great afternoon with our Academic All-Star team. Something good is happening in Arkansas schools. Look for some of the profiles on AETN. Otherwise:

* PHONY HISTORIAN: Mother Jones has a good takedown on the phony religionist historian, David Barton, a favorite of the religious right from Hot Springs to Huckabee.

* DEADLY STORMS: Arkansas's storm death toll has risen to 13, terrible under any circumstance but a small part of a national toll now pushing 300.

* HIGH WATER: Depends on what you call a silver lining, I guess: Roby Brock's report that high water will close Tunica casinos and produce a bonanza of displaced gamblers for the Southland slot parlor in West Memphis. Arkansas River is high, too, but it hasn't flooded Rebsamen Park Road yet. Remember that one?

* GUILTY VERDICT IN GUN CASE: Michael Pierce, the Eureka Springs man accused of taking care of unregistered firearms for a man originally charged with putting an improvised soda can bomb at a polling place, has been convicted of nine charges in the case.

Cops are alleging that a Springdale man who claimed he was bitten by a copperhead snake in a Walmart set up the thing with a pal to get money from Walmart.

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