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We're over the hump



And the line is open after a quiet day around here. One final thought:

* TAX RETURNS: After the birth certificate release, the Obama people went on the offensive, seeking Donald Trump's tax returns. Yes, let's see tax returns. Don't forget the Huckster's.

* RETIREMENT: Labor groups and the Arkansas Community Organizations plan a Don't Make Us Work Until We Die rally at 5 p.m. Thursday outside Little Rock's federal building to protest proposals to extend the retirement age and cut Medicare and Medicaid, both programs important to older workers. They want a pledge from public officials not to cut benefits. The current crop of Arkansas Republican congressmen won't be signing that pledge. How else can they afford to cut taxes for millionaires?

* NBC: I can't do it justice without video, but Lawrence O'Donnell called down his bosses at NBC tonight. He demanded that they disclose whether Donald Trump will continue as a reality TV show star in the next season in his iteration as a political candidate. Until O'Donnell brought it up, I hadn't given much thought to this important dimension of Trump's antics.

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