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Obama releases long form birth certificate




So here it is. The long form Obama birth certificate. You already know the rest of the story. The birthers will claim it's a forgery. They've already moved on to his college admission test scores.

The New York Times reports the president finally caved to the nuts and has produced the document to end the "distraction." No long-form birth certificate will quell the raw racism that drives this hysteria. It was evident last night on the cable shows, with Republicans saying it's a "fair question" to demand Obama's college records and test scores. The theme is clear: A black man couldn't rise to the most exalted public job in the world without cheating or being given unfair advantage. It plays well with voters. See Arkansas. And again in 2012. Republicans are licking their chops to link Democratic candidates with the swarthy Kenyan/Indonesian/Muslim/whatever with the funny name and fancy education handed to him on a platter.

Obama said the country didn't have time for this "silliness." Trump takes credit. (For what? Proving the already proven?) I wonder what numbers will show in a week where a majority now doesn't believe Obama was born in U.S.

UPDATE: Here's just one of many examples arising that demonstrate why Obama was wasting his time.

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