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Fox getting antsy about Huckabee decision



Howard Kurtz writes in the Daily Beast that even Fox News is getting uncomfortable being used by Mike Huckabee as a platform for national exposure for a run for president while being paid by Fox as a talk show host. It has already booted two lesser candidates off the air.

Huckabee, naturally, disputes that Fox is anything but understanding of his deliberative process. Of course. And it's a process, for sure. His decision is already made. Whether it's to run or not, I don't know. I'd guess yes. But either way, he makes more money playing the will-he-or-won't-he game. He stays on the payroll to make the mortgage on his $3 million tax haven Florida home. He keeps reaping national attention. Even if he's not running, it increases his value as media gabber for people to think he MIGHT run. With Huckabee, it's always about 1) Huck and 2) bucks. Same story, 100th verse.

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