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Here's the open line. Close-outs:

* FLOODING: Heavy rain has flooded many streets in Fayetteville and nearby cities as well as a variety of spots in western and northern Arkansas. The UA closed early, among many other related happenings. County offices closed early. Flooding blocking entrances at XNA. Flooding ripping up some streets, according to Twitter accounts. Tornado warnings flying. Video clip here of flooding on Razorback Road.

* LEGISLATURE IN LOW REGARD: More Talk Business-Hendrix College polling. Low rating for the legislature.

* TATTOOGATE: Could a lying Ohio State football coach produce a forfeit Sugar Bowl win for the Razorbacks?

* BOSS HOG DROPS OUT: Haley Barbour, the lobbyist with the dubious racial views, decides not to run for president. That leaves the Huckster as the only potential Southerner in the Republican field.

* STATE PAY PLAN: Here in black-and-white is the state memo on state employee pay for the fiscal year beginning July 1. Same as the previous year. No change in step pay, no COLAs. There are some years of service awards of $600 to $900 for those with 10 or more years. Some lump sum merit pay awards may be paid June 30, 2012, if money is available.

* LR SCHOOL BOARD UPDATE: The Board emerged shortly after 8 p.m. from more than two hours in executive session to discuss finalists for the superintendent's position. Alas, the sound on the Comcast educational access channel is not working. So I'm going to have to await an e-mail from Board president Melanie Fox on the slate.,

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