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Webb, Williams lead House rating



I wrote yesterday about the legislative ratings compiled by Roby Brock's Talk Business, an index based on legislation introduced and passed. Yesterday, he posted Senate numbers. Today, it's the House. Sen. Paul Bookout's place at the top of the Senate ranking didn't speak too highly of the system in my view, given the lack of heft to his legislative agenda.

The House is another matter. Reps. Kathy Webb, the Joint Budget leader for Speaker Robert Moore, and Rep. Darrin Williams, who led the Judiciary Committee, top the list. Yeoman work, many successes, strong fights in sometimes losing battles for worthy causes. You think it's easy passing budget bills? See the Republicans initial defeat of a $6,000 increase in spending for the Arkansas School for the Deaf.

Bringing up the rear:

There were 7 members who were unsuccessful in passing a single piece of legislation. Rep. Charolette Wagner (D-Manilla) was never the lead sponsor on a bill, in effect leaving her 0 for 0. She did, however, co-sponsor 37 bills, all of which became law. Talk Business did not take co-sponsorships into consideration as they are often added to secure votes.

I do tend to side with those who think the legislature, apart from the hundreds of appropriation bills necessary to operate government, introduces and passes WAY too many bills, many soon forgotten.

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