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Beck v. Huckabee, Round 2



Glenn Beck called Mike Huckabee a progressive. Mike Huckabee said Glenn Beck had smeared him.

Round Two:

Beck fires back.

Conservative radio host and Fox News personality Glenn Beck fired back at Mike Huckabee on Friday, saying the former Arkansas governor was "co-opting" liberal talking points and should consider staying out the race if he's so "thin-skinned."

There are "really tough issues that real conservatives will have with Mike Huckabee," Beck said on his radio show of the politician, who's weighing another run for president in 2012.

Tough to say, but Glenn Beck is right on at least a couple of points here. Mike Huckabee, to his everlasting credit, has a record that includes some things conservatives don't like. As for thin-skinned: It might as well be his middle name.

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