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As Bryant turns: Republicans in spotlight again



MISUNDERSTOOD: Bryant Mayor Jill Republican Dabbs
  • MISUNDERSTOOD: Bryant Mayor Jill 'Republican' Dabbs
It's small town politics, but I admit a certain fascination with the pitched political battle in Bryant, the booming suburb near Little Rock's southwestern edge. I've written before about new Mayor Jill "Republican" Dabbs and her running buddy, City Clerk Heather "Republican" Kizer. The new broom with which they've swept Bryant city hall has produced a dustpan full of arbitrary personnel decisions, improper pay enhancements for Dabbs and Kizer, special interest deals for the mayor's daughter and her swim team, dealings with kinfolk at the city and county level and intense debate on community websites. What's not to like for a political junkie, especially when hubris catches up with people so self-righteously political they went to court to have their legal names declared "Republican" when they ran for non-partisan municipal offices?

The latest: The state Ethics Commission has agreed to consider a complaint by Alderman Danny Steele that neither Republican Dabbs nor Republican Kizer reported financial information on a post-election fish fry to benefit their campaign accounts. Dabbs has been cited for reporting irregularities previously by the Ethics Commission. Just a misunderstanding, she said then. Lot of that going around down in Bryant.

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