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The Thursday night line



Your comments welcome. Final notes:

* HUCKABEE ON BECK: Mike Huckabee unloads on Glenn Beck for calling him a — gasp — "progressive" for endorsing Michelle Obama's campaign against childhood obesity.

* THE COMPANY GRIFFIN KEEPS: For voting to end Medicare, U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin is getting radio ad cover from 60 Plus, a special interest front group for the pharmaceutical industry and a known advocate of privatization of Medicare and Social Security. Its founder also pushed for an end to the estate tax. If you're a wealthy millionaire, preferably with an interest in pharmaceuticals and the insurance industry, 60 Plus and Tim Griffin are your kind of people.

* CUT, CUT, CUT: A double dose of Tim Griffin tonight. The Magnolia Reporter, a newsy full-service website, has film of the congressman in his hometown bragging to Republicans about his bravery in pushing to cut Medicare and Social Security spending.

* DOMESTIC TERRORISM: Pipe bomb and propane tanks found near fire in a Colorado mall on the 12th anniversary of the Columbine shootings.

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