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Secretary of State Mark Martin's bad start



The reviews are in. Secretary of State Mark Martin hasn't even taken 100 days to prove himself spectacularly unprepared to head a state ministerial office that Charlie Daniels managed quietly.

Boffo? Not exactly. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today writes unflatteringly about the "values-based" consulting contract Martin entered that was uncovered by the Times. The editorial is behind a pay wall, but the headline covers the ground:

Welcome to Dilbertland
What’s $54,500 among friends?

A laff riot? Well, yes, but it wasn't supposed to be played as comedy. Here's John Brummett in a sweeping review of Martin's star-crossed time on the boards.

I, for one, am willing to let bygones be bygones for the time being, especially since Martin’s performance is lending such spectacular strength to my case that we don’t need the office.

Only three years and nine months to go. Elections have consequences.

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