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Arkansas congressional redistricting — BFD



You'd have thought something was important underway given the excitement among the political class as the Arkansas legislature limped toward approval of new congressional districts.

Bottom line, looking at how the new districts voted for president in 2008 against how the old districts voted, comes from the Swing State Project:

Despite controlling the redistricting trifecta here (the Gov. plus both legislative chambers), it doesn't seem like Arkansas Dems did much to advance their cause here, leaving the numbers pretty much as is, despite shifting around a lot of counties (especially in the dark-red northwest, where there's now an unsightly bulge of the 4th into the former 3rd).

For example: the new 2nd district terrain voted 53.7 to 44.2 for McCain in 2008. The old 2nd district went 54-44.

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