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'We shall overcomb'



Thanks to Lawrence O'Donnell for the headline, a bumper sticker for Huckatrump 2012.

Here it goes again, Mike Huckabee defending Donald Trump despite his past support for universal health care. It was tax-and-spend day for the Huckster as he took on the Club for Growth, which is pounding Trump as it has pounded Huckabee.

“According to that group, I’m also a tax-loving socialist. During the 2008 election they cherry-picked some factoids out of context from the deals I had to make from a ninety percent Democratic Arkansas legislature,” Mr. Huckabee said.

In a break with Republican leadership, Mr. Huckabee also criticized the group for focusing on tax cuts.

“I never understood when it became a mark of conservatism to run up debt on your children’s credit card instead of biting the bullet and paying your own bills,” Mr. Huckabee said.

When Huckabee forgives Trump his sympathy to the choice side of abortion, then we'll know something is cooking.

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