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The past and future of the Times edition, part two



As promised, here's the audio from the program publisher Alan Leveritt and I did last Friday at The Root Cafe's "Dinner for Change" on the past (mostly), present and future of the Times.

It's 45 minutes long, which probably seems like a long time to listen to a podcast, but Alan's a raconteur and the early history of the Times offers plenty of material, including an editor who wore a (live) cat for a coat, stakeouts, a devastating fire, police corruption, someone saying "stop the press" and actually stopping the press and enough early ineptitude to make the Times continued existence (37 years!) seem like some kind of miracle.

In the introduction, I read an excerpt from an essay Bob Lancaster wrote for our 30th anniversary issue. Evidently I don't project enough when I read. Otherwise, particularly when Alan's talking, the audio is pretty good.

Download here.

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