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Forget website: Arkansas adoption rules changed


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A reader asks:

The state website for adoption states "An individual who is cohabiting outside of a valid marriage may not adopt or be a foster parent. " Based on the Supreme Court's ruling, can they still discriminate based on marital status - including gay and lesbian couples?

Julie Munsell of the state Department of Human Services responds:

DCFS has already begun the process of changing the wording in policy to reflect the court's ruling. Thanks to you and your reader for calling the website to our attention and it will be revised as soon as possible.

Last week, Cecile Blucker, DCFS Director sent out a new Executive Directive regarding practice for the field staff. This is to give guidance to staff until the new policy has gone through the promulgation process.

Here is the executive directive. Observation: there's going to be a lot of flexibility for caseworkers to determine when adult relationships have an impact on deciding what's in the best interests of a child. And there will be ways to find a pretext to enforce otherwise outlawed prejudices. This is where leadership — and elections — count.

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