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The Thursday night line



It's open. Parting shots:

* ROAD TO RUIN: That's how the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee characterizes the first 100 days of Republican House majority. Hard to argue with this list as ruinous. Have the Dems finally gotten Repub messaging?

In their first 100 days, House Republicans have stood up for Big Oil's taxpayer subsidies, protected tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, repealed health insurance reform for their constituents while keeping it for themselves, passed a budget that would cost 700,000 jobs, and even focused on an extreme right-wing social agenda that nearly shut down government. Republicans have done all that and haven’t done a single thing to focus on the top priority of the American people — creating jobs.

Tomorrow, House Republicans are set to vote on a budget that ends Medicare.

* CLIMATE CHANGE: Little Rock has received $500,000 from the Environmental Protection Agency in the Climate Schowcase Communities program aimed at energy savings. The city will work with industry and employees to "target every aspect of a community’s carbon footprint, including energy use in homes, businesses, vehicles, waste management practices, energy production and land use management."

* DECLARED DEAD: A judge has granted the petition by the wife of missing construction executive John Glasgow to have him declared dead. He's been missing three years.

* SANDBAGGED BY TEABAGGERS: There was a mass defection of House Republicans from the budget bill, which wouldn't have passed without Democratic votes. A rebuke to Speaker Boehner. All Arkansas congressmen voted for the spending, though, for example, Tim Griffin complained about it.

* VICTORY FOR WOMEN: The Senate voted 58-42 AGAINST defunding health services for women provided by Planned Parenthood and others. Roll call here. Dr. No Boozman naturally was among those who voted NO on pap smears, breast exam, STD testing and family planning for women. Republicans just don't like birth control, even by pill. The House had passed the defunding measure, with DINO Rep. Mike Ross among those wanting to strip important health services from women. Sen. Mark Pryor opposed defunding health services for women.

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